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Brand Agent Bussiness

Dolphinmed, a top dependable producer for ICU Ventilator, Anesthesia Machine,Anesthesia vaporizer, anesthesia Ventilator, around the world, develops its trusted name in contracted manufacturing service globally. At present, it is mainly for ICU Ventilator, Anesthesia Machine, Anesthesia vaporizer, anesthesia Ventilator and related accessories producing, and in important country and area, sigh the sole agent agreement letter, start the long-term distributer cooperation, win-win cooperation, Excellent products and after-sale services will promote the business to go further and more smoothly with our Brand agent dealer and distributer. It is mainly for the having strong distribution ability customers at important market areas.

At the new period, we are more committed to develop reliable and trustful cooperation partner for the long-term cooperation, and joint-hands to develop the market together.

BRAND AGENT Cooperation Process

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